Hawk Nelson

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Consisting now of Jonathan Steingard, Daniel Biro, and Justin Benner, the Canadian band, first formed in Ontario back in 2000. After years of playing as an independent band, the group signed a record deal, and released their debut album Letters to the President, in 2004. Hawk Nelson followed that with Smile, It’s the End of the World (2006), Hawk Nelson Is My Friend (2008), Live Life Loud (2009), and Crazy Love (2011)- an album that was inspired by the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

For the band’s album Made, Hawk Nelson bares their heart and soul following a year full of changes- one of those changes being a new lead singer. “What a journey it’s been, this past year. So many unexpected twists and turns. God has been so faithful…. it’s amazing to look back and see what He’s done. This year the band I’ve been a part of for nearly a decade, and I expected to see laid to rest, was miraculously given a fresh start, full of new hope, new purpose, and new excitement,” Jon says. “They’re the hard days. The days I doubted myself. The days I wondered if we were going to make it. They’re the days that reinforce God’s goodness. We need those days, so when He works it all for good in the end, we can stand back and say… ‘Thank you God, look what You’ve done. You are God.”’

Even with all the changes that Hawk Nelson has endured over this last year, the band assures listeners that they are still the same.”We’re still that high energy band that a church or youth group would book if they want to have a fun youth night,” says Jon. “We want to take what we’ve been and not leave it behind, but grow it a little bit and hopefully be a lot more intentional about what we’re saying.”

Here’s their latest single ‘A million miles away’…