Lauren Daigle

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From the youngest age Louisiana native Lauren Daigle had the opportunity to immerse herself in a passion for music. “My mum called our house ‘The Music Box,’ because any time I was awake I would be singing,” she shares, “I never noticed it. I literally sang all the time.”
Lauren’s ultimate calling to sing actually came later in life as the result of a setback. She contracted a serious, contagious virus when she was in high school that caused her to be out of school for nearly two years. Although Lauren was able to keep up with her studies through correspondence courses, homeschooling and eventually attending a charter school, the last two years of high school were an unusually isolated season for Lauren who was just coming into her own as a teen. That exaggerated period of loneliness actually allowed the young singer to become fully aware of her true desire to whole-heartedly pursue her musical aspirations. “Singing was becoming more than just a dream,” she says. “It was becoming, ‘How am I going to survive if I don’t do this?’”

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