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Thanks to the universal popularity of “Meant to Live” and “Dare You to Move,” Switchfoot has become a mainstream favorite while continuing to talk openly about its faith. With its latest single, “When We Come Alive,” the band continues to challenge themselves to write better and better songs that reflect faith, hope, and love in an authentic way.

“If we were to sum up our our career as a band, I think you could sum it up with the phrase, love alone is worth the fight,” shares lead singer Jon Foreman. “There is no amount of money that’s worth the struggle. There’s no amount of fame. There is no amount of any of the other things on the table that are worth it. The things that are worth it are the people. To be a lover you have to be a fighter.”

Fading West follows album Vice Verses which features their single “Afterlife” as well as the song “Restless,” which was inspired during a rainstorm while touring through the United Kingdom. “The individual drops of water were relentless in their pursuit for the ocean,” describes Jon.”I began to think of my own life, and wow, do I have that type of tenacity, that type of yearning inside of me?”

The group began producing some fantastic results with the band’s debut album, The Legend of Chin in 1997. Known for its energetic live shows and catchy pop music sensibilities, Switchfoot, whose name was inspired by a surfing term, already had a devout leading up to their breakout album The Beautiful Letdown in 2003.

Jon has been the frontman for Switchfoot for the last thirteen years, and is joined by his brother, Tim (bass, backup vocals), as well as Jerome Fontamillas (guitars, keyboard, backing vocals), Chad Butler (drums, percussion) and Drew Shirley (guitar, backing vocals).