An Act of Real Love

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Hillsong’s Young & Free has teamed up with World Vision to take part in an act of Real Love. If you like the song and want to show some Real Love too, here’s more:

Laura from Hillsong says:

“It is devastating to see the suffering of children in Syria and the Middle East. Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile how we were so lucky to be born into such blessing and prosperity while others are born into the grievance of war.


“All I know is…
1. We must do something with the platform we are given.
2. This is near to the heart of God.
3. He would want us to do this.

“So, while making the music video for REAL LOVE – we experienced a few delays for various reasons… But in meantime, I became much more involved and aware of the current plight of the Middle East and I believe that maybe God had something else in mind all along. I am so grateful for God’s timing and believe that regardless of the delays we may experience – this music video isn’t just meant to be in vain … but rather it’s timing is perhaps God-ordained for us to rise-up beyond ourselves and to extend this “REAL LOVE” across borders into circumstances that are unimaginable to us… I just wonder what kind of difference we can make?”

To learn more about how you can help, see the clip below or click here.